Logo des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts

German Archaeological Institute

The German Archaeological Institute is one of the largest archaeological research institutes worldwide, and supports the conservation of the cultural heritage.

The mission of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is the worldwide research of archaeological sciences in the broader context of classical and ancient studies. The German Archaeological Institute provides an important foundation to encourage meaningful dialogue between cultures, to cultivate productive relations with international scientific institutions, as well as to preserve the cultural heritage. The German Archaeological Institute is currently involved in more than 350 projects on five continents. The spectrum ranges from the study of the sanctuary in Olympia, over the pyramids of Dahshur in Egypt, all the way to projects in the oases of the Arabian peninsula.

The German Archaeological Institute collaborates closely with numerous partners, jointly conducting scientific research worldwide to better understand the relevance of fundamental questions about human history and ancient cultures to modern civilisation. The spectrum of the research ranges from investigating the dynamics of societal and cultural changes all the way to the reconstruction of complex systems such as the relationship between human and environment that has been changing due to climate change.


In collaboration with international partners, the German Archaeological Institute engages in the worldwide research to find answers regarding human history and ancient cultures.

Tasks for volunteers

Excavations constitute only a small part of archaeological research. Data processing, professional archiving and provision of the data to the researches are just as important. In turn, libraries are the think tanks for archaeologists.

kulturweit volunteers for example assist the German Archaeological Institute with inventory and digitisation of documents, research work and any other library work. Within the scope of kulturweit, the German Archaeological Institute only has a very limited number of assignment locations to offer.

Volunteers help the German Archaeological Institute by performing jobs at their libraries as well as carrying out research, digitisation and inventory tasks.