what is kulturweit?
The international cultural voluntary service as part of the German UNESCO commission offers young people from Germany aged 18 through 26 the opportunity to get involved in the foreign culture and education policy for the duration of six or twelve months. During the course, all volunteers are financially supported and accompanied by seminars - this way kulturweit is open to all young people!
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kulturweit volunteers engage in promoting education, science and culture worldwide.
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think and act globally
kulturweit promotes civic involvement of young people, conveys transcultural competences and advocates a cosmopolitan society in accordance with UNESCO.
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how to apply
If young people have the formal and personal prerequisites as well as the time necessary, then nothing should prevent them from sending us their application.
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volunteers worldwide
kulturweit volunteers are exposed to many new and interesting experiences.
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lasting involvement
With the work of the alumni and a variety of opportunities for further education and involvement, kulturweit strengthens civic involvement and promotes lifelong learning – way beyond the volunteer service.
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kulturweit volunteers are committed to support our partners worldwide.
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picture power
Get a better idea: We will show you who we are, what we do and where we are active. All photos of our seminars, events and projects can be found on Flickr.
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new exchange programme: kulturweit-tandem

open to people from african countries and germany, who are of age (without upper age limit)

apply from 1 to 25 july 2022



December 2021 – May 2022

application for a departure in september of the following year

May 2022 – July 2022

selection by kulturweit

several weeks
March 2023

beginning of the voluntary service




who can participate?

Ready for surprises and a change of perspective? who can participate?
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During more than 20 seminar days, all volunteers have the opportunity to benefit from the kulturweit educational programme.
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kulturweit does not end with the volunteer service: our alumni will remain major participants in our network.
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Our Partners

kulturweit is the voluntary service within the framework of germany’s foreign cultural relations and education policy. kulturweit volunteers are committed to support our partners worldwide.
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