The application form must be filled out completely. If the application is incomplete, it will not be accepted for the selection process.


Ten to twelve months before the planned departure the application process starts. With application deadlines in April and November, people interested in kulturweit can officially apply for a voluntary year of social services outside Germany by using our online portal.

application via the kulturweit online portal

Menschen sitzen sich in zwei Stuhlreihen gegenüber und unterhalten sich.

Selection process

The kulturweit team of the German Commission for UNESCO is carrying out a preliminary selection process within the next four to six weeks. After the preliminary selection phase, all applicants will receive a notification about the status of their application by email. At this time, rejections or positive intermediate notifications are being sent to the applicants, which will be taken into account in the second phase of the selection process.

Then all remaining applications will be handed over to one of kulturweit’s partner organisations for final selection. The selection process will be completed within ten to twelve weeks.

preliminary selection by kulturweit, final selection by the partner organisation and allocation to the respective assignment location

Sending out application notifications

Once the partner organisation has completed the selection process, all applicants will receive an application notification by email. At this time acceptances, rejections and notifications about being on the wait list are being sent out.

The applicants who receive an acceptance notification will have about one week to decide whether to accept or decline the assignment offer. Assignments that are declined will immediately be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.

Prepare independently:

  • travel
  • visa
  • vaccines
  • health certificate
  • accommodation in the host country

Wait list procedure

If an assignment offer is declined, the position will be filled immediately by the next applicant on the wait list. In order to improve the chances during the wait list process, the applicants usually do not remain at a fixed position for a certain assignment location. They are only on the wait list for the partner organisation they have been allocated to. The partner organisation will be immediately contacted by us about any cancellation and thus will refer and review all profiles of applicants for the respective region who are wait-listed. Besides the regional preferences, the assignment location will check for the necessary know-how, skills and qualifications with respect to the position that has opened up.

In case no position can directly be offered to those who remain on the wait list, the kulturweit team of the German Commission for UNESCO will hold on to the profiles until the middle of June (for the September departure) or until the end of October (for the March departure). This way the applicants on the wait list will have another chance to be offered an assignment location that has been declined by selected applicants.

accepting or declining the suggested assignment location

final acceptance by the assignment location (6 months before departure)