Education, networking and involvement - those are the goals set by kulturweiter, the association of former kulturweit volunteers.

kulturweit does not end with the volunteer service. In 2014, former volunteers founded the association kulturweiter – education, networking, involvement – which is committed to social dialogue through its work in the fields of education and culture – proving that this motto constitutes the key of the programme.

Nowadays, almost 3,000 people make up the alumni network of kulturweit. The volunteer service provides this creative pool with numerous opportunities to get involved, and together they further develop the work of the alumni. The kulturweiter association creates new scopes for action and is able to realise and professionally implement more project ideas of their own than ever.

kulturweiter pursues three main objectives with its work: To promote education in general, and further education opportunities for its members in particular, to connect alumni and their projects with one another as well as with other cooperation partners, and thus the continuation and sustainability of the social involvement of former volunteers.

The association ties in with the evolved structures and the substantive focuses of the alumni work of the volunteer service. The 20 regional groups of the kulturweit alumni constitute the basis for the work of the association which, in particular, participates actively in local contexts. kulturweiter supports involvement ideas that are developed within this framework through individually designed project management workshops and joint educational trips.

kulturweiter not only serves as framework for individual initiatives, but also allows its members to be involved long-term in educational and cultural policies.

Alumna spricht in Workshop-Runde.

Educate yourself

A more social and ecologically concious life on this earth is possible. kulturweiter keeps a strong view that the best way to achieve this is through education. The association’s plan is to exchange education between the association itself and its members, to provide further education as well as to acquire and pass on knowledge.

Be part of the network

Knowledge, ideas and imagination are far more valuable, when shared and jointly realised. Therefore, it is important to kulturweiter to connect its alumni members and their projects with one another as well as with other institutions, and to enter cooperation activities to find common solutions for social issues and challenges.

Get involved

The association consists of volunteers who have lived and worked abroad and have been actively engaged at their assignment locations. The association is working towards the aim to turn kulturweit volunteers abroad into kulturweiter honoraries at home. The great variety of impressions gained from the volunteer service, the diversity of assignment countries and locations as well as the individual interests and skills of the members shall be joined in order to develop new projects together.