kulturweit tandem

The new exchange programme Tandem invites people from African countries and Germany to explore the history of colonialism from different perspectives and to engage with our postcolonial present. You will develop projects in the fields of culture, education and sustainability that you can implement together in Germany.

In the kulturweit Tandem project, two participants – one from an African country and one from Germany – reappraise the history of colonialism and its effects on the present. Together you develop anti-racism projects that you can implement in theatres, museums and schools, in charities, initiatives or companies in Germany.

The programme consists of a two-month language course in your country, a four-week seminar in Kenya and a three-month project phase in Germany. All participants receive financial support and educational guidance.

The upcoming application period is in November 2022 for the programme from January to June 2023. Applications are open to people of legal age from Germany or one of the participating African countries, which will be published here soon. Basic language skills in German as well as in French or English are required. In addition, very good knowledge of one of these three languages.

Through the kulturweit Tandem project, you are making a contribution to a world without discrimination. You will gain international experience, let your creativity run free during the project phase and build a network that you can stay involved with for a long time to come.

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The kulturweit Tandem programme is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and is part of the German Government’s catalogue of measures tackling right-wing extremism and racism.


The upcoming application period is 1-21 November 2022 for the May-October 2023 programme.

Previous thematic knowledge or a specific school degree are not necessary.

There will be further calls: keep updated!

fact sheet

 Menschen unterhalten sich miteinander Menschen sitzen sich gegenüber und unterhalten sich.

Services and costs

The kulturweit Tandem programme supports the involvement of people from African countries and Germany – financially and educationally.


What can you expect during the six months of the programme and what do you need to prepare?


Do you feel like getting involved in something new? If you meet a few conditions, there’s nothing standing in the way of your application.

Selection process

What happens after the application and when do you know if you are in?


Any questions? Then get in touch with tandem(at)kulturweit.de.

German Commission for UNESCO

kulturweit is the international education programme of the German Commission for UNESCO, Germany’s intermediary organisation for education, science and culture.

start september 2022

march 2022

apply: 1 to 28 march

Cameroon, Kenya, Germany, Ghana, Namibia, Togo
june 2022

selection until mid june

july 2022

post selection until mid july

september and october 2022

language course

november 2022

international seminar in kenya

december until february

project phase in germany

Start January 2023

Juli 2022

apply: 1 to 25 july

Burundi, Germany, Kenya, Rwanda
october 2022

selection until mid of october

november 2022

post selection until mid of november

january and february 2023

language course

march 2023

international seminar in kenya

april to june 2023

project phase in germany

Start may 2023

november 2022

apply: 1 to 21 november

february 2023

selection until mid february

march 2023

post selection until mid march

may and june 2023

language course

july 2023

international seminar in kenya

august until october 2023

project phase in germany